An Easy and Simple Way to Learn Letter Formation

How to make learning letter formation fun for children in preschool.
Super easy DIY alphabet writing practice activity.

Is your preschooler learning the alphabet but not quite comfortable holding a pencil yet? Or maybe your child is showing signs that they don't want to trace letters any longer?

If so, this super easy DIY alphabet flour box is your answer!

You don't have to wait until your child has developed handwriting skills for them to learn proper letter formation. Create a simple DIY flour box to help their little fingers do the work or even let your kindergarteners practice writing for fun.

Supplies you will need:

  • 1 cereal box.
  • 3 paper fasteners.
  • Hole puncher.
  • 1 sheet protector (5 ½ x 8 ½).
  • Craft knife.
  • Packing tape.
  • Alphabet Letter Formation Cards.
  • Flour or salt.



  1. Gather your materials.
    Materials for building a flour box or salt tray to practice writing letter formation.
  2. Use the craft knife to cut an opening on the front side of the cereal box as shown below.
    Cut opening in cereal box using craft knife.
  3. Open the cereal box by lifting up the flap and align the plastic sheet protector against the opening to determine where to punch the holes.
    Determine where to punch holes in cereal box.
  4. Punch three holes in the cereal box and secure the sheet protector with the paper fasteners.
    Fun way to write letters using flour or salt tray
    DIY alphabet flour box writing practice
  5. Next, seal the sides of the cereal box with packing tape to prevent the flour or salt from leaking.
    Practicing letter formation with cereal box and flour
  6. Place the alphabet letter formation cards inside the sheet protector.
    Letter formation cards on flour box/tray
  7. Insert flour or salt, gently shake from side-to-side to smooth out the grains and start writing letters!
    DIY Alphabet Flour Tray